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Ram Composites® FRP/GRP Tank & Vessels Supply and Installation

Apart from custom fabricated steel tanks, we have also through the years supply and install FRP / GRP (Fibre / Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester) Panel Tanks to all types of organisations in the facility industries, from apartments to hospitals, hotels and even factories and industrial plants. 

Our tanks are manufactured to the highest quality standard using vacuum forming process via matched mould method, whilst its panel surface is customised to be protected against the glass resin interface, ageing, effect of moisture and  temperature induced stress fatigue. As such, there shall be no occurrence of fibre prominence.

Incorporating premium resins, fibreglass and synthetic veil materials, coupled with outstanding standards of design and high level of quality control, the Company undertakes a wide range of fabrication works for FRP products that meet, if not exceed, the requirements of various standards such as ASTM, DIN, JIS and ANSI.FRP products fabricated include FRP Panel Type Water Tank, Storage Tanks, Drums, Vessels, Pipelines, Cyclones, Scrubbers, Ducts, Chimneys, Exhaust Systems and other accessories. 

With the following key advantages, these FRP products are widely used by all industries and process systems:

√ Lightweight and Minimal Maintenance Cost

√ Excellent Physical Strengths

√ UV Resistant and Long Service Life

√ Highly Durable with Excellent Chemical Resistance to Acids,  Caustics, Solvents, Chlorides and Oxidisers

√ Excellent Heat Resistance of Up to 204oC

√ High Impact Resistance

√ Pressure and Vacuum Applications

√ Built to Order Options Available - Can be customised to be Electrically Conductive or Fire Resistant