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Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating 

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Anti-Skid Coating / Anti-Slip Coatings 

Deck Surface Linings 

Safety Coatings and More

We carry out all types of flooring works for all types of flooring, deck & roads - from a series of industrial grade epoxy floor coating, anti-slip and anti-skid coating for floors and roads, electro-static dissipative and conductive epoxy flooring as well as various made to order floor chemical lining.

Industrial grade epoxy floor coating are typically used on industrial and chemical process flooring subject to harsh chemicals of 98% sulphuric acid, 37% hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid. 

We also carry out flooring works for areas subject to heavy loading, thermal and mechanically abused flooring, or flooring subject to high temperature exposure. There are also anti-slip and anti-skid coatings that are applied on flooring, decks and roads that require safety coating to prevent vehicle skidding or pedestrians and workers’ slips, trips or falls.