Ram Composites® Systems & Services

Ram Composites® Corrosion Control & Acid Proofing Works

The Corrosion Control and Acid Proofing Services we offer cover all aspects of corrosion, heat resistant and abrasion protection. We carry out lining installation and repair services for various types of linings, epoxies, coatings and lamination systems on all kinds of items made of corrosion-prone metal or concrete. From storage or process tanks to flooring and trenches, engineering application services are available using protective linings, flooring materials and various coatings available for both metallic and non-metallic or concrete substrates. The Company provides “one-stop” solutions to clients, undertaking jobs and projects from dismantling and transporting of equipment to abrasive blast cleaning services for all kinds of steel structures, followed by priming and application of coatings to make these structures long lasting without corrosion prior to installation or being put back to service.