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Blasting Works

Surface preparation is indisputably the most critical criteria to ensure successful applications in the industry of coating, lining and metal restoration works. 

At least 95% of all coating, lining and metal restoration failures are directly caused by insufficient surface preparation works.Surface Blasting is without doubt the best way of preparing surfaces for Ram Composites® product and system applications. It offers the best physical adherence, and is by far the most efficient way of cleaning any surface, in particular a large surface area. Blasting method provides a thorough mechanical cleaning to surface by way of continuous impact of abrasive particles at high velocities on the required metal surfaces either in a jet stream of compressed air or by centrifugal impellers. Blasting process is fully efficient in the removal of all mill-scale and rust on metal surfaces.

At Ram Composites Sdn Bhd, we provide off-site sandblasting services for chemical tanks, other metal tanks, pump casings, impellers and other medium to large engineering equipment.