Repair & Maintenance Services,Construction & Installations   

Through our company Ram Composites Sdn Bhd, we provide a series of "One-Stop" solutions to Clients, undertaking jobs and projects from design and installation to final project commissioning. Sparing no efforts in providing Clients the best possible and to deliver excellent work quality, our team members ensure that every detail of all projects and maintenance works undertaken are being looked into. Clients can therefore be rest assured that when they work with us, they are actually entrusting their valuable assets to a team of highly dedicated people including trained craftsmen with great experience in the industry. 

Corrosion Control Svs
Corrosion Control and Acid Proofing Works

We cover all aspects of corrosion, heat resistant and abrasion protection for various tanks, operational floors and other metal / concrete structures, both on-site and off-site. Services offered include chemical lining installations, repair services for various types of linings, epoxy coatings, lamination systems on all kinds of items made of corrosion-prone metal or concrete.

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Flooring Svs
Floor Coating, Safety Flooring & Lining Works

We carry out epoxy flooring works, from Polyurethane (PU) Coating to other Industrial Grade Epoxy Coatings for Floorings. We also provide safety coating services such as Anti-Skid and Anti-Slip Floor Coating, and Chemical Lining System installations for floorings subjected corrosion of all types. 

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Tank Cleaning
FRP/GRP Tank & Vessels Maintenance & Repairs

Apart from supplying and installing new FRP Tanks, we also carry out refurbishment, repair and maintenance works for existing FRP Tanks of Clients, including Tank Panel Replacements, Tank Piping Works, Valve Replacement, Other Accessories Replacement, Tank Cleaning, Tank Painting, Tank Internal Recoating with Food Grade Epoxy etc. 

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Coating Svs
Protective Coating Services

We offer various types of coating services available for surfaces subjected to high wear and abrasion, erosion and corrosion, with different coatings catering for different areas, from floorings to walls and for tanks, pipes, pumps and many other equipment. Protective Coating for Flooring are also available, please refer to Floor Coating and Lining Works Services below.

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Blasting Svs
Blasting Works

We provide off-site sandblasting services for chemical tanks, other metal tanks, pump casings, impellers and other medium to large engineering equipment.

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Ramcom HDG Tanks
HDG Tank Installation, Repair & Maintenance Works

We supply and install high quality HDG Tanks commonly used for water storage with panels manufactured conforming to B.S1564 standard. HDG Tanks are used in various industries including the F&B, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and so on. HDG Tanks are easy to clean and maintained.   

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Metal Restoration
Metal Repair & Restoration Services

Metal Repair, Rebuilding and Restoration Works are being carried out both on and off-site, during shutdown or on an ad-hoc basis. We handle both small items of metal objects as well as large steel structures of over several tons. We rebuild and restores worn metal on your expensive assets and equipment and returns it in service on time. 

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Tank Supply Svs
FRP/GRP Tank & Vessels Supply and Installation

The FRP/GRP Products that we fabricate includes Panel Type Water Tank, Storage Tanks, Drums, Vessels and other Accessories.

Incorporating premium resins, fibreglass and synthetic veil materials, coupled with outstanding standards of design and high level of quality control, we also undertake a wide range of fabrication works for tank vessels subjected to corrosive chemical content.

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Tank Services
Tank Coating & HDPE Lining Works

We provide periodic inspection services, maintenance and repair services for metal and other types of tanks. Our services cover HDPE Lining, Cleaning of Tanks, Painting, Coating and Lining of Tanks as well as other Tank Maintenance Works such as Plumbing Works.  

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Ramcom Quality
Shutdown Repair & Maintenance Services, Construction Works and Other Project Services

We provide Shutdown Maintenance Services ranging from minor repairs to major shutdown refurbishment works for Building Facilities, Engineering Plants, Warehouses and Factories, Hospitals, Schools etc.We also provide Project Consultancy Services and Project Management Services for the Marine, O&G and Construction Industry.