Your  Ultimate Industrial Engineering 

Repair And Maintenance Solution Provider 

Ram Composites® For The Oil & Gas Industry

  • Resurfacing of Pump Impellers and Casings on Oil Drilling Platforms

  • Rebuilding and Recoating of Other Pumps, Bases and Valuable Machinery Parts

  • Value Added Coating Services to Increase Pump Efficiencies & Pump Life

  • Stop Leakages and Wrapping of Pipelines for Strengthening Purposes

  • Underwater Repairs of Splash-Zones and Subsea Structures

  • Lining of Tanks & Sealing of Leaking Tanks

  • Anti Slip Coating and Floor Safety Lining for Platforms, Walkways, Etc. to Increase Workers’ Safety At Work on Platforms

  • Coating of Cable Line Boxes at Port

  • Corrosion Protection for Rebars and Repair Works for Reinforcing Bar

Why Choose Us

Easy To USE
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • No special machines required
  • No skilled workers required
Economical, SAVES TIME
  • Huge savings to maintenance costs
  • Fast and saves time

  • Minimise unnecessary shutdown and downtime
effective & efficient
  • Provides effective repair
  • Efficient solutions for long term 

  • Improves efficiency 

excellent realibility
  • Proven to protect against corrosion, abrasion, erosion and chemical attack
  • Proven to lower maintenance cost, less spare part inventory

  • Suitable for both light and heavy repairs