Your  Ultimate Industrial Engineering 

Repair And Maintenance Solution Provider 

Ram Composites® For Other Industrial Engineering Industries

  • Manufacturing Plant - Chemical Lining for Containments, Floor Linings for Processing Areas & Laboratories, Coating for Chemical Tanks, Rebuilding and Resurfacing of Corroded and Eroded Pumps, Rebuilding and Resurfacing Works on Mills, Repairing of Conveyor Belts, Repairs of Eroded Fans and Heat Exchangers, Repairs of Leakages on Pipelines & Pumps
  • Gas & LPG Plant - Corrosion Proofing for Underground Tanks; HVAC Industry - Coating of Chillers
  • Mining Industry - Repairs of Ball Mills, Rod Mills & Cyclones, Coating of Pump Casing, Rebuilding and Recoating of Air Fan Blades, Wear Protection for Pumps, Chutes & Hoppers, Repairs of Conveyors & Tyres

Why Choose Us

Easy To USE
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • No special machines required
  • No skilled workers required
Economical, SAVES TIME
  • Huge savings to maintenance costs
  • Fast and saves time

  • Minimise unnecessary shutdown and downtime
effective & efficient
  • Provides effective repair
  • Efficient solutions for long term 

  • Improves efficiency 

excellent realibility
  • Proven to protect against corrosion, abrasion, erosion and chemical attack
  • Proven to lower maintenance cost, less spare part inventory

  • Suitable for both light and heavy repairs