Ram Composites® Underwater & Pipeline Repair 

Ram Composites® Underwater & Pipeline Repair Range

Ram Composites®  Underwater & Pipeline Repair range features a series of specially designed underwater epoxy products that can be used to immediately repair leaks and damages on all wet surfaces without having to bring equipment ashore or to shut down pipeline service during repair.

Typical Application 

* All types of leaking pipes, tanks and tank bases

* Underwater repairs for jetty piles, boat hulls, propellers and kort nozzles

Products Available 

Our Best Selling Products

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Putty Sticks

Easy-to-use and of industrial strength, excellent for quick repairs and resists up to 150oC.

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Wet Surface Metal Paste

Effectively Repairs and Rebuilds worn metal surfaces online and underwater!

Pipe Rescue Tape

Activates with only water, easily wraps over piping to stop leaks without welding!