Ram Composites® Quick Repair Products

Ram Composites® Quick Repair & Maintenance Products

Ram Composites®  Quick Repair & Maintenance Repair range features a convenient range of industrial strength products that is a "must-have" for every toolbox of the Maintenance Department and of every Maintenance Personnel. 

These extremely user-friendly products are designed for quick and small repairs. 

Typical Application 

* Small leaks that needs to be plugged immediately 

* Stripped threads or cracks that requires an instant rethread or sealing

* Torn or worn conveyor belts and industrial tyres requiring an instant rubber build up

Products Available 

Our Best Selling Products

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Putty Sticks

Easy-to-use and of industrial strength, excellent for quick repairs and resists up to 150oC.

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Wet Surface Metal Paste

Effectively Repairs and Rebuilds worn metal surfaces online and underwater!

Pipe Rescue Tape

Activates with only water, easily wraps over piping to stop leaks without welding!