Ram Composites® Flooring, Decks & Road Products

Ram Composites® Flooring, Decks & Road Products

Ram Composites®  Flooring, Deck & Road Products feature a series of industrial grade epoxy floor coating, anti-slip and anti-skid coating for floors, roads, electro-static dissipative and conductive epoxy flooring as well as various floor chemical lining available or made-to-order.

Typical Application 

* Flooring, decks and roads that require safety coating to prevent vehicle skidding or pedestrians and workers' slips, trips or falls

* Industrial and chemical process flooring subject to harsh chemicals

* Heavy loading, thermal and mechanically abused flooring

Products Available 

  • Ram Composites® Industrial Grade Epoxy Flooring
  • Ram Composites® Chemical Lining for Concrete Floors
  • Ram Composites® Slip Resistance Surface Linings for Decks
  • Ram Composites® Anti-Slip Coating System for Flooring
  • Ram Composites® Anti-Skid System for Carriageways

Our Best Selling Products

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Putty Sticks

Easy-to-use and of industrial strength, excellent for quick repairs and resists up to 150oC.

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Wet Surface Metal Paste

Effectively Repairs and Rebuilds worn metal surfaces online and underwater!

Pipe Rescue Tape

Activates with only water, easily wraps over piping to stop leaks without welding!