Ram Composites® Corrosion Control Range

Ram Composites® Corrosion Control & Acid Proofing Range

Ram Composites® Corrosion Control & Acid Proofing product range features an extensive range of corrosion control and acid proofing systems designed for areas subjected to harsh chemical of up to 98% sulphuric acid, 37% hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid or high temperature of 204oC.

Typical Application 

* Chemical process floors, foundations, basins and trenches, bleaching and cleaning tanks, containment dikes and vaults, all that requires acid proofing layers to protect original metal or other substrate surfaces

* Damaged floorings and tanks (including leaking ones )caused by severe chemical attack

Products Available 

  • Ram Composites® Premium Epoxy & Novolac Coatings and Lining Systems
  • Ram Composites® Vinyl Ester and Polyester Coatings
  • Ram Composites® Chemical Lining Systems
  • Ram Composites® Phenolic, Furan and Silicate Based Mortars
  • Ram Composites® Acid Proof Bricks and Tiles
  • Ram Composites® Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic / FRP Systems

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