Ram Composites® Coating Range

Ram Composites® Coating Range

Ram Composites® Coating range features various types of protective coatings and systems to provide tough and impermeable barrier against penetration of aggressive chemical media to protect all types of surfaces against corrosion, erosion and cavitation damages.

Typical Application

* New and old pumps for surface protection, increase of efficiency and output maximization thereby saving energy

* Stream, floors, pipings, ducting, heat exchangers and concrete subjected to surface aggressions

* Chemical tanks, silos and vessels, dredging equipment, chutes, hoppers, chippers and chip bins

Products Available 

Our Best Selling Products

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Putty Sticks

Easy-to-use and of industrial strength, excellent for quick repairs and resists up to 150oC.

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Wet Surface Metal Paste

Effectively Repairs and Rebuilds worn metal surfaces online and underwater!

Pipe Rescue Tape

Activates with only water, easily wraps over piping to stop leaks without welding!