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Ram Composites® range of products are a result of years of research and development by an experienced team of industry stalwarts who are the elites of this field. Designed, formulated and manufactured under stringent quality systems and tested to ASTM standards, this range of polymer composites products are produced using only the highest quality of raw materials with advanced vacuum blending technology. 

These products, manufactured with only first grade ingredients, are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and to meet the most rugged situations.  The main range of Ram Composites® products[1] consist of various two-part epoxy repair paste and putty with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. These versatile products are versatile and suitable for use on all types of metal, fibreglass, wood, concrete and other solid surfaces. Used for rebuilding and repairing works, these products prolong service life of all kinds of critical equipments and reduces downtime for plants of many industries. Products for underwater repairs are one of the popular products in this range[2]

Along with these main range of products, special coatings and lining products and systems are also available[3]. Systems for corrosion control, equipment repair, shutdown maintenance to tank lining installation and other coating application services are made available to all types of industries using a combination of these repair and maintenance systems. 

As continuous improvement in every way has always been our key management ethos, our team spares no effort in our duty to provide customers with more variety of products and improved services at the most competitive prices possible.  Both the range of Ram Composites®  products and its systems available are continuously improved to accommodate the increasing demands and constantly changing needs of the market and new industries served. 

Users of these said range of products and services have also been expanded to not only include organisations from marine, water and wastewater, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries, but also the mining, pulp and paper, sugar, manufacturing, facility management and many other general engineering industries. These products continue to help many industries reduce downtime and inventory cost by providing easy to use range of products for metal repair as well as coatings with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance catered for all their repair and maintenance needs. 

Metal Paste 2
Metal Repair Range

A wide range of versatile composites formulated with high metal content to create a high density system specifically used to repair and rebuild all types of worn and damaged metal surfaces

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Corrosion Control Products
Corrosion Control Systems

An extensive range of corrosion control and acid proofing systems designed for areas subjected to harsh chemical of up to 98% sulphuric acid, 37% hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid or high temperature of up to 204oC.

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Ceramic - White
Coating Range

Various types of protective coatings and systems to provide tough and impermeable barrier against penetration of aggressive chemical media to protect all types of surfaces against corrosion, erosion and cavitation damages.

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RC Floor Coating
Flooring, Decks & Road

A series of industrial grade epoxy floor coating, anti-slip and anti-skid coating for floors, roads, electro-static dissipative and conductive epoxy flooring as well as various floor chemical lining available or made-to-order.

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Underwater Repair

Underwater Repair Range

A range of specifically designed underwater epoxy products that can be used to immediately repair leaks and damages on all wet surfaces without having to bring equipments ashore or to shut down pipeline service during pipe repair. 

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Quick Repair Series

A convenient range of industrial strength products that is a "must-have" for every toolbox in the Maintenance Department. These extremely user-friendly products are designed for quick and small repairs. 

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[1] Main range of Ram Composites® products – Wear Resistant Epoxy Paste, Ceramic Coating, Fast Cure Epoxy Paste, Steel Epoxy Paste, Stainless Steel Epoxy Paste, Aluminium Epoxy Paste, Bronze Epoxy Paste, Glide Epoxy Paste, Putty Stick Range, Rubber Epoxy Paste, Pipe Rescue Tape and others

[2] Ram Composites® Underwater Repair products – Wet Surface Paste, Aqua Putty Stick and others 

[3] Ram Composites® Special Coating and Lining Products – Wear Resistant Coating, Glassflake Coating, Epoxy Floor Coating, Floor Anti-Slip Coating, Road Anti-Skid Coating, Anti-Corrosion Floor Systems, Chemical Lining and Coating Systems and others