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Ram Composites® Metal Repair Range

Ram Composites® Metal Repair range features a wide range of versatile composites formulated with high metal content to create a high density system specifically used to repair and rebuild all types of worn and damaged metal surfaces. 

Typical Application 

* Rebuilds worn off metal or cracked and damaged surfaces

* Commonly used on pipes, tanks, tank bases, heat exchangers, condensers and separators, pump impellers and casings, valves, ship body and propellers, shafts, housings and many other machinery parts etc. 

Products Available 

Our Best Selling Products

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Putty Sticks

Easy-to-use and of industrial strength. Excellent for quick repairs and resists up to 150oC.

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Wet Surface Metal Paste

Effectively Repairs and Rebuilds worn metal surfaces online and underwater!

Pipe Rescue Tape

Activates with only water, easily wraps over piping to stop leaks without welding!