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Marine Industry

Ship based applications for Superstructure, Hull & Deck, Stern Tube, Rudder, Pump & Engine Room, Bow, Tanks & Ballast Tanks.

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Oil & Gas Industry

Underwater repairs of splash zones and sub-sea structures, corrosion protection for rebars and reinforcing bar, coating systems for pumps, bases and valuable machinery parts.

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Water & Wastewater Industry

Stop leakages on pipelines and pumps, rebuilding and recoating of pump impellers, valves, paddles, decks, turbines, centrifuges and containment areas.

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Industry - Petrochemical
Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

Corrosion control and chemical lining systems for foundations, cooling towers, pipelines, pits, dikes, curbs and walkways,  chemical containment areas, storage tanks, chimneys and other structures.

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Facility Management Industry

Quick fixes to leaking water storage and bomba tanks and pipings, repairs to damaged floorings, pool areas, ice rinks,  building loading bays and other areas, anti-slip coatings and floor safety linings to all areas around buildings.

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Industry Steel
Iron & steel Industry

Acid proofing for metal plants areas such as storage yards, containments, electro plating tank, ducts, absorbers, blowdown pits, sumps and trenches, waste acid tank and waste gas line. 

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Power Plant Industry

Acid proof lining and systems for storage tanks, process blowdown tanks, auxiliary slurry tanks, blowdown pits, sumps and trenches, scrubber and absorbers, waste water treatment basins, repairs of cavitated cooling water pumps, fans, manhole covers, cones, pulverisers, heat exchangers, worn shafts, FGD pipelines and scraper conveyors.

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Industry - Pulp
Pulp & Paper Industry

Repairs, Rebuilds and Resurfaces Cyclone Separators, Paper Feed Stock, Chipper Disk, Pipelines, Pumps, Transfer Rollers, Press Rollers, Recovery Boiler Areas and Other General Engineering Repairs for Plants and Factory Area.

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Other Engineering Industries

Industrial engineering repairs and maintenance products and solutions for Mining Industry, Gas & LPG Plants, Manufacturing Plants etc.

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