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The increasing cost for Repair And Maintenance works every year throughout the world affects the profit of many organisations across different industries. A big part of this cost is brought about by Corrosion. 

Most enterprises do not see the threats and the true cost of corrosion. However, NACE International has through their study reported in details how extensive and expensive corrosion problem really is.  Did you know that their last study reported that corrosion costs us an astounding US$2.5 trillion dollars globally every year? And this is 3 to 4% of GDP of industrialised countries! 

We have to therefore come to realise the consequences of corrosion and how critical it is to control it.

Recognising the importance of enabling every business in every industry to capture the gains or profit which has always been otherwise lost by being contributed to unnecessarily high repair and maintenance cost annually, in which a big part of these are caused by Corrosion,  epoxy.net.my now brings to you a wide range of epoxy products and solutions that are specifically designed to combat corrosion as well as erosion, abrasion and chemical attack, to increase efficiency and save maintenance cost.

Our products and solutions can help you capture back what was once considered a piece of profit in the past but today lost as maintenance cost instead. Simply put, you can now convert what was once spent as your maintenance cost into profit today!

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